Enough Already With Donald Sterling

Posted: April 30, 2014 by S. Trevor Swenson in Observations
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I had enough of the media saturation of this by yesterday afternoon. This may be unpopular, but I’m going to say it anyway.

Sterling is a racist pig and scumbag, now he’s going to be gone for it. Done deal. Let him dig his heels in litigiously, he’ll lose money. He should have sold the team yesterday if you ask me.

As for the sappy “We need to start the “Healing Process” bullshit I am hearing on the news now I start to throw up a little in my mouth. Really? Healing process? I am reminded of a young woman on the Rutgers basketball team after the Imus “tragedy” going on Oprah’s show and saying how “she felt scarred for life”. Because Don-fucking-Imus said something stupid? Scarred for life? Did Oprah’s people prep them on the most maudlin thing to say that tests well, as the make up people added fake tear drops during the commercial break. We have a world class athlete and college graduate pandering to the nicey-nicey Oprah’s issue du jour, and crying on cue?

I am reminded of small children who look around to see if mommy’s looking before they start to cry when they fall down. I’d be willing to bet a week’s pay that none of the young women on the Rutger’s basketball team had even heard of Don Imus prior to him belching out a comment calling them “Nappy Headed Hoes”. While we’re at it, Don…you’re an old man, you have no business even trying to use the current Hip-Hop vernacular. Knock that shit off aiiight?

You know, we need a healing process after small children get shot en masse at a school, we need a healing process for our veterans who got screwed and are still being screwed after a war of choice…Not when a disgusting old man behaves in a disgusting manner and spews ignorant racist nonsense. I haven’t seen anywhere near this much outrage and media coverage over the 20 billion in fines that JP Morgan Chase paid in fines for breaking the law…BUT NO ONE WENT TO JAIL. Hell, that’s more of a racial issue if you ask me. Ask the incarcerated black people in jail for lesser crimes about how fair that is.

Want to know what’s really going on in the world? Open the paper past the front cover stories on Sterling, turn to page three or four and read about the mass killings in Africa, the skyrocketing poverty rate in our own country over the past 15 years…Let’s not be such shills and pawns for media corporations.

Addressing racial equality, attacking racism, promoting diversity are all admirable causes and causes I support. We’ve come a long way in this country, and we have a long way to go. Many of these issues, like affirmative action are a slippery slope, and deserve debate, compromise and revisiting. Maudlin and saccharine sentiment takes away from real sentiment. Media saturation of nonsense like this diminishes journalistic integrity.

As for Sterling’s gold-digger mistress who started this idiocy’s snowballing…She released a statement that she feels the media has been unfair and she wants to be left alone. I’d also be willing to bet a week’s pay that she already has a publicist and agent, and they’re trying to arrange a reality TV show for her while she’s within her 15 minutes of fame. You’re essentially a high priced hooker sweety pie who slept with Grandpa from The Munsters. Get over it, you’re going to cash in.


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