Turd With a Combover

Posted: November 4, 2012 by S. Trevor Swenson in Home, Observations
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This piece needs to begin with a tip of the hat to Speaker 7, a blogger I have recently met and become very fond of. This entry is actually in part, my far too lengthy reply to something she posted. After reading it to faithful editor and BFF Gow, she (Gow) told me I was on the verge of hijacking Speaker 7’s thread. I saw what the wise and powerful Gow was saying and immediately posted an apology to Speaker 7. Please check out her work. It’s really excellent.

After reading Speaker 7’s piece about Michael “Heckuva Job Brownie” Brown I was inspired to revisit a piece I had been working on. At any given time I have 50 or so pieces in my “saved/drafts folder” to revisit, or polish. Her piece is called “Heckuva Turd” which was interesting as I was working on a piece about a turd as well. I’m coming to love that word “Turd”. It’s an insult, but not really a swear. My turd in question is Donald Trump.

A turd and a tease . . .
with a bad combover and a spray tan! Ughhh.

A couple weeks ago Trump had a “huge announcement” to make. His “huge announcement” turned out to be the latest chapter in his beef with President Obama. Donnie Dicko offered $5 million to the charity of President Obama’s choice if he would turn over his college transcripts. The country collectively rolled their eyes and internally cursed themselves for even listening to DT (yet again) for even a second. Everyone who paid 30 seconds of attention to this, thought,”When will we learn?” The talking heads, especially the late night comedians, all ridiculed Trump’s move, and rightly so. If anything good came out of this Turd with a Combover’s latest idiocy it was the laughs from people like Steven Colbert. Even highly respected, non partisan journalists chimed in, like Barbara Walters who said “Donald, you are embarrassing yourself.” Trump immediately jumped on twitter and replied to Babs that “she just doesn’t get it”. Funny, I think she most certainly did “get it”. I think she “got it” better than many of us. I was reminded of a standard reply to any bad joke told by any butthurt comedian. “Oh I get it, it’s just not funny.” I think she commented on it with grace and class. Twitter seems to be the ultimate tool for tools. It’s the perfect medium for people who need to let the rest of the world know what an asshat they are, every 10 minutes, lest we forget.

Trump is quite literally in the middle of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. He has an interest and his name on several casinos in Atlantic City and property in NYC. He could have polished this dog grumpy situation into a diamond with a simple “This is a time for American’s to come together, so I am going to donate the 5 million to the Red Cross and I will house some relief workers in my hotels…blah blah blah”. Hell, he could have made money out of this in the long run and walked away smelling like Calvin Klein’s Obsession. With less effort than he put into his “Huge Announcement” he could have scored a mass quantity of the drug he’s been addicted to since the 80’s; Attention.

Sadly, this was too easy, too painfully obvious for a dink like Trump. So, what did he do? He publicly doubled down on his moronic stunt. He “extended the President’s deadline to release his school transcripts due to Hurricane Sandy.”

Let me pause here to ask: What kind of ego does a private citizen have to give the POTUS a deadline? Many people in this country dislike President Obama for any number of reasons and to varying degrees, but what happened to even a small amount of respect of the office?

Speaking of President Obama; where was he during this? He was in NJ with Gov Fatty Boombalatty, both of whom were doing their jobs like grown ups. A tip of the hat to Gov. Chris Christie for telling the press off and not allowing them to turn the situation into partisan politics. Both he and the President worked together like adults and did their jobs. Meanwhile, little Donnie Trump was holding his breath because Daddy wasn’t paying attention to him. How many times does Trump have to get smacked down by Barack Obama before he learns?

Please click here to watch this,
very well done Brian Williams piece!

Michael “Brownie” Brown (and what a perfectly appropriate name for a turd) showed what an out-of-touch tool he still is by telling the media “city dwellers need to ‘chill’ ” in regards to what he felt was an over-reaction prior to and after Hurricane Sandy. This coming from the most famous under-reactor in America. Is Brownie so lacking in self awareness that he honestly fails to realize that he will forever be known as the guy who dropped the ball after Hurricane Katrina? Brownie too could have capitalized on this situation and redeemed himself in a huge way and with minimal effort. His slate with America could have been wiped clean by simply “acting”, something that is painfully obvious that he has tremendous difficulty in doing in anything that resembles a timely manner. He could have given blood, gone to NJ and handed out bottled water. I’m sure that after Katrina, Brownie came to realize that hurricanes and their aftermath were decidedly icky things and very inconvenient. He could have remained silent, he could have simply released a statement of sympathy and support. ANY-thing other than what he chose to do. It was as if he was concerned that people just might have forgotten what an ineffective, uncaring, out-of-touch asshole he truly is.

Brown(ie) never should have been head of FEMA to begin with. His background was in Arabian horses. Junior Bush apparently owed someone a favor and as a result FEMA got Brownie and the people of New Orleans got it firmly up the ass without a kiss (Pardon the crude analogy)

After Hurricane Katrina, Daddy Bush and Former President Clinton worked together to bring aid and help. Once again, Poppy Bush was picking up after his irresponsible frat boy son. Where has Junior Bush been during all of this? After Twit Money told him “Thanks, but no thanks, just stay out of sight please.” during the current presidential campaign, Junior was in the Cayman Islands during Hurricane Sandy giving a $4000 a head speech, butchering the English language in front of a crowd of wealthy bankers, venture capitalists etc. Here’s a man who is not only a true humanitarian, but also with his priorities well in line.


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