Posted: August 24, 2011 by S. Trevor Swenson in Life, Me & Mine
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I am a huge fan of language, slang and terminology.  Times change and language changes with it.  New technology, sociological criteria and all kinds of factors add to or take away from the vernacular of the day.  I like to make up my own terms from time to time and try to get them to stick.  Strangely though I feel a small pang of resentment when people do start using them, like I should get a commission or something. OR, I should get the recognition for introducing the term…of course this type of thinking is a fool’s errand.
I have come up with a couple recently.  To be perfectly fair, I developed most of them with friends, so only one is truly mine, and mine alone.
1. “Shitty” – noun   A shitty is when someone checks their caller I.D. before picking up their phone, and ignores your call.  We can all picture this.  The phone rings, they pick it up, see who is calling (i.e. you) and they choose to ignore your call.  Often prefaced with a groan of annoyance or an eye roll. You know they got your fucking call.  They just pulled a shitty on you my friends.
“You hear back from that girl from the club yet?”
“Pffft  I called her 3 times.  She’s pulling a shitty”

2. “Pip” – noun   Being a pip is when you work hard on something, while someone else or other people get more credit for it than you do for the end result. This term comes from Gladys Knight and the Pips
That twat Sandy got a promotion for that TPS report thing we all worked on.
Yeah, well she’s Gladys Knight and we’re just a couple of pips.
3. “Bait and Switch” – verb   Bait and Switch is a scam and a term used in retail advertising, to get customers into the store with promises of a sale or deal that doesn’t exist.  Once they are in the store they will buy something else.  In the modern era, bait and switch implies a deliberate misrepresentation or misrepresentations of ones self in a social media setting with the intention of hooking up with someone via an online social or dating site.  Posting 20 year old photos, or pictures taken 50 lbs ago are classic examples of bait and switch.
“How did it go with that guy you met online?”
“Oh man, he is 50 lbs heaver and I think those photos were taken in the 80s.”
“Ah the old bait and switch huh?”
“Yeah, I fucked him anyway”
“Repuke” – verb  Credit goes to Gow for this one.  To repuke is when someone approaches you in regards to an area of expertise that you have and then rubbishes your opinion or suggestion.
Mr Smith asked me if I could fix the website, and after I told him what needed to be done, he repuked me
  1. I like “Pips”. I’d like to add that to my venacular, although I hope it will be in the context of calling other people my pips and not the other way around.

  2. Pulling a shitty—I love it and I have to admit that I do it every time I know one of my acquaintances is calling me to tell me about their problems. You are right, it’s ALWAYS accompanied by a groan and/or an eye roll.

    Now I will laugh when I do it ha ha. Hysterical post, thanks!

  3. Tallkronan says:

    Me like this!


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