What is a “Gow”?

Posted: July 9, 2011 by Gow in Editor's Notes
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Remember the guy on the left? "Cockroach" from the Cosby Show

“Gow” (or “Little Gow”) is a nickname I acquired a while back and it comes from one of my favorite pieces written by our intrepid author over there. It was maybe the third or fourth thing that I had ever read of his and I was laughing to myself for hours over his effective use of the word “gow” as an exclamation. Sadly, it’s a bit of a long story and the writing in question has since been lost. Before he had an “editor” Mr. Swenson didn’t keep or organize his work. In the days immediately following my giggles and gushing over how funny it was, he started answering the phone when I called with an excited “GOW!!”, or maybe he always answered the phone that way no matter who was calling. I guess I’ll never know for sure. But either way, it was obvious that this moniker was firmly entrenched as his nickname for me. As nicknames go, it’s a pretty good one. I choose to take it as a term of endearment and special connection and it’s certainly better than “Stinky” or something, right?

How about this guy? "Boner" from Growing Pains

Soon I had him convinced to let me proof read his work before posting it and to save it for posterity. Eventually, “we” decided to start a blog. He would do the writing and I would do all of the grunt work since he’s rather incapable in that area. (Did you read “Technophobe“?) I’m not sure how much of an editor I am. Really, I’m more of a friend, a fan and maybe a bit of of nudge. I often wonder if he ever regrets telling me to push him, to write with more frequency and maybe more discipline. I try to push him without being pushy, but that’s a balancing act I doubt I’m managing to pull off. I had a scathingly funny addition to a piece of his writing once and he had the good graces to laugh heartily when I told him my idea. Then he said “That’s really good! But, it’s not mine.” and he wouldn’t let me add those bits in. Can you imagine?




P.S.    Sometimes I hide little Easter Eggs in the pictures.

  1. […] the ideas and punch up the pieces.   It’s my own fault that I never made copies, and Gow is busy as my editor, fact checker and archivist. Gow got me to sign up for a blogging site, gets […]

  2. […] The Gow “gets” me. That is one of the many reasons she is my best bud. Today for example the music station at work was tuned to some kind of soft rock crap. I was suddenly seized with an impulse to call the Gow and sing along to a Michael McDonald song in my spot on Edward G. Robinson impression. Maybe “spot on” is an inaccurate description, but I like doing it, and the Gow likes listening to it, so that’s all that matters. Lots of people today don’t know who Edward G. Robinson even is. He was a famous actor in old black and white films, often playing a gangster. He was also a common impression at the time. Every half-assed comedian or MC would do Edward G, Jimmy Durante, James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart and maybe James Stewart. Yeah, def-definately good at impressions. Yeah […]


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